The Ultimate Fighter Comeback Pt. 2: Heavyweights

Five Elements Podcast

Here is the second part to my article, “The Ultimate Fighter Comeback”. You can read part 1 here.

This is a list of heavyweight fighters who deserve a second shot at a UFC contract.

Rolles Gracie Jr. (6-1)

The Gracie name creates some big MMA shoes to fill and everyone was certain Rolles was destined to fill them. The 3rd degree Brazilian jiu jistu black belt debuted at UFC 109 (in what was his fourth professional MMA fight) against Joey Beltran. Gracie was visibly exhausted after the first three minutes and struggled throughout the fight. He was defeated via TKO in the second round in a performance that Renzo Gracie called, “embarrassing”. He was subsequently released.

Gracie has fought three fights since then, although his most recent victory was against Bob “The Beast” Sapp. (Sapp Denies Throwing Fights)

Gracie is another example of a fighter that…

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