The Perfect Imperfections of Sergio Martinez

We are Living in a Society

1. Anything Can Happen

Excitement in sports has two components. First, there is the moment itself. The three point shot as the clock runs down, the touchdown pass, the knockout punch following a savage exchange, the winning run coming home in a dramatic race to the plate. Before these moments can actually happen we must have the first component, this being the tension building toward them and the anticipation of what might come.

Both the big moment and the anticipation vary in their intensity. In sport, to be it crudely, anything can happen at any time seemingly without explanation, so there’s always the possibility of surprise. Some of these moments produce an ephemeral excitement, a cheer or jeer from spectators. These are immediately gratifying but not so in the long-term.  They can as well be a little out of the ordinary, prompting spectators to turn to their friends and say…

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