The Poetic Games

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The Isthmian Games of Ancient Greece included many of the same sporting events as the Olympics such as wrestling and chariot races.

They also included poetry contests (I love that!).

In Symposiacs Plutarch mentions that a woman named Aristomache won a coveted poetry medal.

On a side note, Plato himself is said to have participated in the Isthmian Games. The ancient writer Diogenes Laertius writes that Plato was a wrestler in the Games and that his nickname “Platon” (his real name was Aristocles) may have been given to him by his coach, Ariston.

“Platon” being short for “platus,” which in Ancient Greek means “wide or broad,” could have referred to Plato’s athletic body (ooh la la).

I love watching the Olympics: the Opening Ceremony, the athletes’ nervous anticipation at the starting line, the sheer joy of the winners, finding myself becoming ridiculously critical of the divers (oooooh, there was a…

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